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Breakfast with Marcella Zemanek to feature as AL’s RIDE 2015 Auction Item

As many of you who attended last year’s event will be aware, we hold a charity auction as a part of the formalities at our evening function. This year, one of the items to be auctioned is a brunch on Sunday the 1st of March (That’s the day after the ride) with Cure Brain Cancer Director and Ambassador, Marcella Zemanek. Below is a brief summary of Marcella’s many achievements. For the lucky (or deep pocketed) winner of this auction, the opportunity will prove to be a fascinating and insightful look into Marcella’s life!

Marcella has an extensive media career having spent 30 years as a respected radio producer.

Her career has included working with Australia’s top rating national radio shows hosted by John Laws, Alan Jones, Brian Bury and John Stanley. She also enjoyed working on her late husband Stan Zemanek’s night time program, contributing theatre and film reviews.

Marcella spent five years in the United States with Stan where she was involved in broadcasting news and sport back to Australia and New Zealand and working on The Producers, which involved organising interviews with international talent including Jane Fonda, Michael Caine, Anthony Newley and Sylvester Stallone.

Marcella has been a Director and Ambassador of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation for the past seven years.

In her role as Ambassador for the Foundation, Marcella has spoken to many patients and their families and now realises how important their story is for the creative acceleration of treatments for brain cancer.

Marcella’s husband Stan Zemanek was diagnosed with a GBM Grade IV in May 2006; he lost the battle in July 2007. Since his passing Marcella has been on a crusade to support patient advocacy, and to support the global collaborative attack on brain cancer.

Seven years ago Marcella had a dream even though it was a tall order, to address the grim outlook for patients diagnosed with brain cancer. Today she is just as motivated as ever to help co-ordinate this outcome.

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Bureau Of Meteorology, Bathurst forecast for Saturday 28 February is:-

Party Cloudy 15to 33 degrees

No rain forecast.

Keep those fingers crossed

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Two Weeks until AL’s RIDE 2015

Hi Everyone,

There is only two more weeks until AL’s RIDE 2015. So far we have almost 100 of you coming to support our cause, but we know there is more of you waiting in the wings. As we have advertised if you get register online anywhere up until midnight on the 27th of February, your registration will cost $55, however if you choose to register on the day, registration will cost $65. This covers the additional administrative requirements of processing the registration, supports our charities, and encourages you to register early.

Head to the registration page and complete your registration now!

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Making the headlines in The Western Advocate

We are making a difference, The Western Advocate, Bathurst’s local paper has this story, just follow this link.

http://www.westernadvocate.com.au/story/2879646/theyll-be-riding-for-the-sick-kids/?cs=119i Guys,


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Bureau Of Meteorology Forecast

Hello everyone,  I spoke with the weather forecasters at the Sydney office of the Bureau Of Meteorology this morning.  Unfortunately all crystal balls were away being serviced, polished or otherwise unavailable HOWEVER the official prediction for the remainder of February is, and I quote, “Tending to be dry”

Not as accurate as the piece of string on the fence, which I have been reliably told is currently dry and limp, yet promising none the less.

REMEMBER: If you want to have your official AL’s Ride T shirt, Polo shirt,  Dress Shirt, Cap or Bucket Hat made and delivered to you prior to Al’s Ride you need to register to get a T shirt with your registration of order through our merchandise page before midnight tomorrow night (10 February) so that we can have them made and delivered.

WE WILL: Continue to accept registrations up to the day of the event, obviously, the more notice that we have the better we can organise ourselves, catering, ride stickers and the like to make this event just that little bit better

WE WILL: Continue to take merchandise orders after the 10th of February, but not be able to get shirts, caps and hat to you until after the event.

WE HAVE: Already sold many candles, which have been donated by my darling wife, Al’s Nana.  There are limited numbers left which can be ordered before or at the event.


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Hi, found a website today www.pinky.com.au Don’t know he history behind the name but they have links to all manner of car and motorcycle shows, displays and events.  They have added a link to Al’s Ride which is great.  If you have any mount of 2 or 4 wheeled petrol running through your veins, check the site out.

Cheers, Keith.

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Merchandise Availability

Hi everyone,

As you my or my not be aware, we are a fledgling event with our policy of supplying quality merchandise as ordered.   We are not in a position to purchase a large stock of clothing and other merchandise which my or my not be sold with excess stock o be stored etc .  We believe this policy maintains our integrity and adds to the exclusiveness of being able to have a product which will not be duplicated or sold at subsequent events at a bargain price to clear old stock.

In consultation with our suppliers, we will only be able to guarantee delivery of items before the event if ordered on or before the 10th of February, 2015.

If there are sufficient orders after this date for clothing/merchandise we will place an additional order however there my be some upward variation in price due to increased costs involved with setting up for a smaller production run.

Being able to wear items produced exclusively for the event, at the event is a great feeling as is seeing and/or meeting up it others who have supported the event in months or years to come.

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Get in and book your Accommodation Quick!

Hi Everyone,

We’ve  just heard that there is a soccer carnival in Bathurst on the same weekend as AL’s RIDE 2015, that means you need to get in quickly and book your accommodation so you don’t miss out. Don’t forget that the Panorama Motel in Bathurst is our hotel of choice. Get in Quick!

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AL’s RIDE 2015 Poster

ALs RIDE Poster

Hi all, if you need a copy of the AL’s RIDE poster to put up at home, work or elsewhere send an email and we’ll send a copy o the file to you direct.

Regards, Keith

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Hello and welcome to AL’s RIDE 2015,

We now have the Panorama Hotel-Motel as a sponsor of our ride.  This is the motel where the bulk of us stayed last year and is no under new ad improved management so what as good before will be even better.  If you need accommodation, ring the Panorama directly on(02) 6331-2666 and tell them that you are part of AL’s RIDE.


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